Hosting a Crusade

So you want to hold a Good News Crusade. Wonderful! You are taking the first step to reaching many in your region for Jesus Christ and transforming your nation for God.

Evangelism International has many invitations each year from all over the world to hold crusades. We are not able to fully fund all of these crusades but we do want to help you reach your area for Jesus. So how can it be done?

First, you need to call a meeting of all the Christian pastors of your area. All denominations that preach salvation through Jesus Christ alone are to be included in this crusade effort. At this first meeting you will see if they are willing to work together in hosting a Good News Crusade.

Second, a letter of invitation (with a list of the churches and their pastor) from the participating churches needs to be sent to Evangelism International. This can be done through email or through regular post.

The email address to use is –

The mailing address is:

Evangelism International
P.O. Box 3001
Chesapeake, VA 23327, USA

We would prefer this invitation letter to be sent by email since that will be our main way of communication with you. We will then send you a Crusade Director’s Manual by email for you to print as many copies as you need.

Third, the churches are expected to put into place Operation Andrew. Just as Andrew the fisherman went to tell his brother Peter about Jesus, the Christians in every church will need to do the same. In the Director’s Manual it will detail how to engage the people in your churches to invite at least seven lost friends to attend the crusade.

Fourth, the crusade can be as large as your vision and faith. Evangelism International will be responsible for sending an evangelist to your crusade to preach each evening and to teach a pastor’s conference during the days. The churches united will be responsible for the crusade needs. Very simply, one of the larger churches in your area can loan the sound equipment needed for an outdoor gathering. You will need to find and have donated a large centrally located field for the afternoon meetings. If the meetings will be at night, you will need to have churches, or local Christian electricians, supply lighting. Staging can be built according to your need and availability of local materials. TOGETHER – Evangelism International and the local Churches are partnering in this crusade.

Your city, your region, can experience a Good News Crusade if we all work together for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!